Audio Podcast – 1st Quarter 2015 and Brief Overview of IRA Rules at Age 70!

Posted on Apr 22, 2015

Happy Spring Everyone!

Enclosed is an audio podcast we hope you enjoy. Tom discusses the first quarter of 2015 investment results and some thoughts about what we might expect going forward. Steve and Jill review the basic requirements for IRA holders once they turn 70 1/2 and must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions from their accounts.

We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast and welcome any comments, questions, or future topics you might find helpful.

Disclosure: Please remember that discussions on the podcast are not to be taken as specific investment advice. Always consult with your financial professional about your specific situation before making important investment decisions! Thank You.

Click HERE to listen to this quarter’s podcast!

Thank You and Be Well!
Tom, Jill, & Steve