Introduction To Trilogy

Posted on Jul 14, 2011

Why Trilogy?

According to popular definition, a “Trilogy” is a series of three related items that together create a complete work of art.

Trilogy Wealth Advisors is a culmination of many years of experience in personal wealth advisory services and the coming together of our three Managing Partners – Tom Hofbauer, Jill Powers, and Steve Hess – each with a different set of professional financial skills, that when combined, create a positive and professional planning experience for our clients. And while you might not consider our Peace of Mind Wealth Management Process to be “art” in the traditional sense, we feel that the same qualities go into our work: technical knowledge, years of experience, quality tools, and a passionate commitment to excellence.


What’s Different About Trilogy?

At Trilogy Wealth Advisors, we are dedicated to a collaborative, team-oriented approach. Each Trilogy client is served by the complete team and has access to the tools and planning experience of all of our Managing Directors. We consider your total financial picture – debt, cash flow, insurance, as well as investments – important to consider in the planning process. In addition, Trilogy Wealth Advisors provides objective, independent advice; we do not have production quotas or utilize proprietary investment products.

Our mission is simple – to provide our clients with a clear and understandable long-term plan for meeting and sustaining their personal financial goals. We accomplish this by:

  • Unlocking the “mysteries” of investing so our clients understand what they own and why they own it;
  • Explaining complicated processes in a clear and concise way;
  • Working to maintain flexible and cost effective solutions personalized for each client;
  • Understanding what is important to each client, both in terms of money and in life.
  • Providing consistent on-going service, monitoring, and advice as market conditions and your personal needs dictate.


What We Don’t Do

What Trilogy Wealth Advisors won’t do is perhaps as important as what we strive to accomplish. We won’t:

  • Chase the latest investment fad;
  • Give advice for which we are not qualified. When necessary we collaborate with a wide array of professionals such as attorneys and CPAs;
  • Act against our written professional ethical guidelines.


Let’s Work Together

If you would like to know more about beginning a personal wealth journey with us, please look at our Team and our Peace Of Mind Wealth Planning Process. You might also enjoy taking our Confidence Index Diagnostic and learning more about the financial advisory industry overall at our Frequently Asked Questions link.

Best wishes for a successful wealth planning journey. Please let us know if we can be of help to you.