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Posted on Jul 14, 2011

Client Services Menu


Wealth Planning & Management Services

(Peace of Mind Wealth Planning Process)

  • Hourly  OR
  • Asset-based fee using no-load, no-commission assets
Generally best for those in need of long-term and comprehensive wealth planning advice.  Guideline: $100,000 or more of investment assets.  Pricing varies according to complexity and volume of assets under management. If You Need: On-going and/or multi-disciplinary advice and guidance desired.


Brokerage Services

  • Individual Security trading (stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • Prospectus-based products (mutual funds, variable annuities)

Generally best for those who want to direct their own trading accounts or for those who want investment selection services but do not need on-going wealth management advice.


Insurance Services

  • Individual needs-based policy analysis and competitive policy comparison
  • Long Term Care and Disability Insurance policy comparison and consultation

Generally best for individuals who want an independent evaluation of their current insurance assets’ performance and continued viability in the context of their current wealth plan.  (Note: These services are included as a part of our Peace-of-Mind Wealth Planning Process)