Insurance Valuation Analysis Service

Posted on Jul 14, 2011

Insurance Valuation Analysis Service


Due to the complex structure of the many life insurance products available on the market today, regular analysis and review of existing life insurance policies is not only prudent, but – as in the case with trustee-owned life insurance – a fiduciary requirement. Unfortunately, this strategic review process requires not only significant time resources, but also an on-going and continually engaged knowledge of the ever-expanding life insurance marketplace.

When the financial commitment made to the life insurance solution (in the way of premium dollars or current cash value) is significant to the overall wealth management plan, then we feel strongly that the life insurance solution chosen should receive the same regular, disciplined review and oversight that the other financial assets receive. Imagine investing several thousands of dollars each year into an investment product, then never asking whether that investment product is performing as expected or whether the investment is still relevant to the current financial plan – yet, this scenario is typically how we see insurance products managed within overall financial and estate plans.

Unfortunately, due to the structure of the life insurance industry, there is often a innate conflict of interest in the policy management process.  This is why we developed our multi-policy performance analysis and review, as well as a process that can document the trustee’s annual review and the oversight process utilized to ensure that the trust is meeting its stated objective for managing the life insurance assets.

Learn more about Trilogy Policy Performance Management Services, and our Insurance Analysis Company The Efficient Edge.

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