Step One: Let's Talk!

We want to have a good conversation about what you need and how we can help.

Step Two: What's Your Story?

Together we will begin to build your financial story. We can talk about what’s possible, what’s probable, and what you’re dreaming about, too!

Step Three: Understand Your Style.

Your feelings about money and risk are revealed using award-winning tools.

Step Four: Modeling Success.

We will build multiple plans for you based on where you are today and where you want to be in the future.


Step Five: Prioritize and Partner.

Your plan will have priorities and we can’ t tackle them all at once. Together we will prioritize your needs and prepare a road map for the next step. When appropriate, we will help you partner with legal, accounting and other professionals that best fit your needs.

Step Six: Live Life, Review Results, Adjust Accordingly.

Since change is the only constant, your plan and your life will not go exactly as written…and that’s according to plan! We’ll be regularly updating your plan and meeting with you to discuss any bumps in the road and how to adjust to changing conditions.

Step Seven: Repeat. Repeat. Then Repeat.

As planners, we hope to be your financial partners for life. Because your plan is a “living document” it can’t be put up on a shelf to collect dust. This seven-step process supports a lifetime of financial decisions for you and for generations to come.

Our planning process is modeled after the CFP Board’s Practice Standards and is enhanced with award-winning tools. We employ a collaborative approach that involves you, our team of CFP® professionals and industry experts in many fields. You will have your own secure online Wealth Plan portal, accessible to you 24/7 with real-time data updates on your progress. Your financial future is too complex for an “Invest and Guess” approach. Planning should bring clear direction; we can help you get started.

We begin with a simple conversation: tell us where you are financially, and where do you want to be? Even if that answer isn’t clear to you yet, we will build multiple possible plan options to help you find clarity among all the clutter. You have your own unique financial history. Our Planning Process can help you see what’s possible for your unique financial story.

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