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Audio Podcast – 1st Quarter 2015 and Brief Overview of IRA Rules at Age 70!

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Happy Spring Everyone! Enclosed is an audio podcast we hope you enjoy. Tom discusses the first quarter of 2015 investment results and some thoughts about what we might expect going forward. Steve and Jill review the basic requirements for IRA holders once they turn 70 1/2 and must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions from their accounts. We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast and welcome any comments, questions, or future topics you might find helpful. Disclosure: Please remember that discussions on the podcast are not to be taken...

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3rd Quarter Market Review – Podcast

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2013 3rd Quarter Audio Podcast with Tom Hofbauer of Trilogy Wealth Advisors TomPodcast10-22-13 Here is the chart that Tom refers to during the...

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Wealth Planning Services

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Peace of Mind Planning   Our Peace of Mind Wealth Planning™ Process is built upon 5 distinct modules of planning: cash flow analysis, debt analysis, asset performance analysis, risk management, and legacy planning. Although these modules can be completed individually and at different times throughout your personal wealth journey, each of these modules plays an important role in the complete wealth planning process....

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Insurance Valuation Analysis Service

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Insurance Valuation Analysis Service   Due to the complex structure of the many life insurance products available on the market today, regular analysis and review of existing life insurance policies is not only prudent, but – as in the case with trustee-owned life insurance – a fiduciary requirement. Unfortunately, this strategic review process requires not only significant time resources, but also an on-going and continually engaged knowledge of the ever-expanding life insurance marketplace. When the financial commitment made to the life...

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Business Planning

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Corporate Retirement Planning Design Implement & Manage 401k Plans – analysis and performance due diligence services Defined Contribution Plans – new plan design, implementation, enrollment and employee consultation Executive Retirement Planning Design & Implementation Deferred Comp Key Man Executive Bonus Plans Business Succession Planning Design, Implementation, and Management Buy-Sell Planning Disability Buy-Sell Planning Succession Funding...

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Asset Management

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All Returns Are Not Created Equal At Trilogy Wealth Advisors our approach to asset management services is based on a core philosophy that “Return in absolute terms means nothing without the context of Risk.” Often we hear individuals talk about their returns (or lack thereof) but they never mention what level of risk they took to achieve said return. Risk and the management of that risk is also the driving force behind our portfolio strategy. In summary, our portfolios reflect our belief that:   Markowitz Portfolio Theory is a solid...

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Client Services Menu

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Client Services Menu   Wealth Planning & Management Services (Peace of Mind Wealth Planning Process) Hourly  OR Asset-based fee using no-load, no-commission assets Generally best for those in need of long-term and comprehensive wealth planning advice.  Guideline: $100,000 or more of investment assets.  Pricing varies according to complexity and volume of assets under management. If You Need: On-going and/or multi-disciplinary advice and guidance desired....

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Trilogy Policy Performance Management

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Trilogy Policy Performance Management   “The vast majority of life insurance policies funding trusts are not performing as originally projected.” – Pennsylvania Bar Association CE Credit Course Textbook on trust owned life insurance – 12/7/2003.   “A 1998 study showed that in 75% of trust policies that were at least 5 years old, the death benefit could be increased by 40% without any increase of premium.” – Trust & Estates Magazine, May 2003.   The Uniform Prudent Investors Act (UPIA) provides guidelines for trustees and is a valuable...

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